In The News

Many of our fellow NJBA members are involved publicly and privately in fostering the art of beekeeping and the education of the public in New Jersey. Sometimes media outlets take notice and 15 minutes of fame is at hand!

If you know of an article, a news item, perhaps a video that features significant beekeeping related activities by one or more of our members, please let us know by emailing the link Click to email.

NJ Beekeepers Hope for Better Future After Having Worst Winter Season - Featuring Mary Kosenski

Gutsy Gourmet: Bestowing the blessings of honeybees during your Rosh Hashanah meal - Featuring Curtis Crowell

Bees Buzzing on Caffeine - A new study shows caffeine improves bees’ memory

Bee Venom Kills HIV Virus - Discovery could lead to topical gel to prevent HIV transmission

NorthStart VETS to Malawi - project to help a starving nation with Dr. Dan Stobie & State Apiarist Tim Schuler.

Secretary of Agriculture Encourages Buying Local Honey, Urban Beekeeping
article with Joe Lelinho & State Apiarist Tim Schuler.

Mild Winter has Proven Fatal for Countless N.J. Honeybees article with Joe Lelinho.

Local Colony is Nearly Wiped Out by Pesticides CBS news video with Joe Lelinho.

Bee Aware Dan Rather Reports video with NJBA president Bill Coniglio.

The Bee Knees Princeton Magazine article with Pier Guidi and state apiarist Tim Schuler.

Solar Panels Create Buzz at One NJ School NBC News video with Pier Guidi.