For correspondence to the membership

See the Secretary's contact info under About. This can include offering your land for a beekeeper to manage their hives on it, requests for presentations, finding a mentor nearby, etc.

Membership Information:

We are open to having anyone join, you don't need to be a beekeeper.  There are many opportunities to participate in the functions and organization of the chapter along with meeting respected figures in the beekeeping community. 

To become a member of CJBA you can attend any of our meetings to try it out for free.  The membership form, click here to view, can be filled out at the meeting or you can bring it with you.

Membership Dues can be mail to:

     C. Crowell
     152 Broad St.
     Hightstown, NJ 08520

Bee Related Inquiries:

For bee related inquiries, please find a resource local to you by clicking here.


      Geff Vitale
      Click to email

For feedback or issues with a swarm collector's service contact

For issues with the swarm removal listing page or to provide pictures for the gallery contact